A Kiwi Fruit a Day Keeps the Skin Glowing

The kiwi fruit is packed with vitamin C and powerful anti-oxidants that slow down the process of aging and help preserve youth.

The kiwi fruit is small, oval and has a brown, fuzzy coat. The meat inside is a brilliant green, surrounded by black edible seeds. The flesh of the fruit has a soft, creamy consistency and a unique and sweet flavor.

The fruit is actually native to China. They were called the Chinese goose berries. However, the trees were taken to New Zealand from China by missionaries and produced commercially. The fruit was then given a new name, ‘Kiwi’, in honor of the kiwi bird, native to New Zealand.

The Kiwi Fruit Gives the Skin a Youthful and Radiant Appearance

The fruit supplies plenty of vitamin C, which helps build collagen, the protein that gives the skin its elasticity and suppleness and prevents wrinkle formation. What’s more, kiwis also provide a generous dose of vitamin A and vitamin E, both, often dubbed as the beauty vitamins.

Additionally, kiwis are chock full of potent anti-oxidants that battle free radical damage, thus stalling the process of aging and giving one a youthful appearance.
The Kiwi Fruit has a Beneficial Influence over the Respiratory System

Kiwis also promote respiratory tract health. Like all vitamin C rich foods, kiwis thwart microbial invasion and fortify the immune system of the body.

The fruit is particularly effective in checking sneezing, coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing and chest discomfort. It successfully treats bronchitis, asthma and inflammatory conditions of the lungs.

Quick Serve Ideas for Kiwi Fruit

The fruit should feel firm, but not hard. It should give slightly, when pressed. If the kiwi fruit does not yield, when gently pressed, it means that the fruit is not ready to be consumed.

The following ideas help incorporate the fruit in to the daily menu:

The fruit is best eaten whole or in fruit or vegetable salads. Kiwi juice tastes delicious and also blends well with apples and oranges.
Add chopped kiwis to yogurt or smoothie, for a quick mid-morning snack.
Kiwi soup is decidedly scrumptious and very nutritive. Blend the kiwi fruit with cantaloupe in a food processer. Chill the mixture. Top with a generous dollop of yogurt or cream. Serve cold.

Adding kiwis to the diet is definitely a smart move. In addition to the liberal amounts of vitamins and anti-oxidants, kiwis provide plenty of dietary fiber as well. This helps to purge out all toxic wastes and helps detoxify the body efficiently.

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