Getting the Best Muscle Building Supplements

Lists what the best and most effective supplements are made from and how they work to aid muscle building.

Flipping through a muscle building magazine, checking your email inbox, or surfing on the Web, you will most likely see hundreds of advertisements for the latest and best muscle building supplements. These supplements promise instant muscle gains and extra muscle mass based on their brand new formula. The truth is that many of these new products have no actual proof behind them and usually come with a price tag guaranteed to break your wallet.

However, there are many good supplements available on the market, some of which might be a little expensive, and others which are reasonably affordable. These supplements do not actually take the place of hard work and a healthy, balanced diet, but are to be taken for convenience and to avail of natural vitamins, minerals, and proteins in larger doses. Your body needs hundreds of different proteins and minerals to function normally, and almost all of these are either produced by the body or are found in a regular healthy diet. Yet, some of these nutrients are needed in large quantities in order to build muscles rapidly; in these cases supplements can give you these large quantities in an easy to consume powder.

Undoubtedly one of the best muscle building supplements and probably the most popular is creatine monohydrate. This is a substance produced in the body and also found in red meat and fish. A decent amount of this is needed to significantly impact your weight training. In order to get this amount easily, creatine supplements are widely available, low cost, and can easily be consumed alongside juice or a drink with sugar (which helps assimilate this nutrient). The results of creatine intake are increased muscle size and mass as well as the ability to work out longer and avoid muscle fatigue.

Whey protein is probably the best protein supplement available. This can be found when milk is turned to cheese. Whey is the most effective protein due to the fact that it has all the necessary amino acids and can be easily assimilated by the body. There are two types of whey supplements: isolate and concentrate. Both are excellent choices; however, isolate tends to mix easier and taste better. Protein bars are a good supplement as well, being easy to carry and eat at will. Supplements which contain glutamine are also useful, as this keeps the muscle tissue strong and functional.

Other supplements include mulitvitamins. Your body needs vitamins for hundreds of different reasons, but many of these vitamins will also help you in building muscle, maintaining a healthy appetite, and keeping your immune system strong. Essential fatty acids are an important supplement. These can be found naturally, or with olive or flax seed oil. These will improve your metabolism and hormone growth.

A few supplements which have unsubstantiated claims and are simply a waste of money (and may be potentially harmful) are Citrulline, Tyrosine, Carnitine, and Ecdysterone. There are many new supplements which are up to your own discretion to try; some of these have no proven effects and may only work with certain body types. Try to supplement the basic vitamins and proteins that you are not able to consume in your diet. The key is to use supplements along with a balanced diet and plenty of hours in the gym in order to build muscle effectively in a short amount of time.

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