Health Benefits of Homemade Juices

Homemade fruit and vegetable juices are an excellent substitute to the processed fruit juices and unhealthy packaged food available in the market today.

With the ostensibly fast-paced and stressful lifestyle of this day and age, people seem to live off the shelves of the grocery store instead of those in their kitchens. The fast-food and food-processing industries appear to be able to cater to our every whim and craving. Children pull faces at anything green and leafy and parents give in by choosing thoughtless nutrition over actually healthy nourishment and diet.

Making fruit juices at home is the best approach to correct negligent lifestyles. Moreover, juices are also vibrant in color, can be sweetened to appease the taste buds and easily digested with the same goodness as those of their solid versions.

Benefits of Homemade Juices

Fresh homemade juices are chock-a-block with all things good and can target every kind of fussy, erroneous eater. From those looking to lose weight to those hoping to guzzle down a few more calories or looking for ways to lubricate their digestive system, to others who just want to stay fit and working, juices are the right choice.

Teeming with enzymes that support the metabolic processes without overworking the spleen, liver, and pancreas, fruit juices can be had in comparatively larger quantities and provide more vitamins, minerals and other fundamental nutritional building blocks than their solid equivalents. Fruit juices help in better bowel functioning by rejuvenating the flow of bile, and they are also wonderful as a part of a detoxifying diet. Juices increase water levels in the body and flush out harmful contaminants such as the detrimental toxins produced by the liver every day. Such a fiber-rich diet keeps one energized and radiant.

Homemade Juices are Better than Packaged Juices

However, the most important property of homemade juices is that they’re freshly squeezed and lack any sort of preservatives and chemicals. As unsullied and fresh as Tropicana claims to be, it is slightly sweetened, heat-treated, and made from pasteurized fruits and vegetables. Tropicana or other similar preserved food juices are also prepared on a large scale and may lack hygiene. If proper care is not taken when shopping, the consumer may end up with products that are well past their expiry date and extremely hazardous to health.

Fruit juices are also superior substitutes to sodas and they aid weight loss. This is because they contain raw pulps and retain all the nutrients like any home-made cooked food. Also, in contrast to cooked solid food, fruit juices are more filling and appease any food cravings without the intake of extra calories that might beef you up. In the same breath, fruit juices also quench your thirst and help you go that extra mile on the jogger’s track.

Splice fruit juices with the sap and essence of green leafy vegetables and watch your kids gulp them down without a fuss. The same magic cannot be replicated with broccoli on a plate and a fork. Moreover, judged against other health foods, fruit juices are simple and easy to incorporate into a daily routine. Just one glass of fruit juice per day can do myriad of wonders for the body.

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