Health Canada Launches New Food Nutrition Labeling Initiative

A new initiative was launched today by Health Canada to allow consumers to make better health choices. The Food Nutrition Labeling Initiative is online.

When you go to the grocery store you have the ability to read the labels to determine the nutritional value of the product you are buying. Many consumers do not understand how to read the labels and take that information to make healthy and informed choices.

Health Canada has launched an initiative to aid consumers in better understanding what the Nutrition Facts table is and how the % of Daily Value works. This initiative is designed to allow you to make better food choices for you and your family.

How Nutrition Labeling Affects Canadians Purchase Decision

Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of Health, indicates that consumers do use the nutrition facts tables on labels to make their purchasing decisions. By helping Canadians to understand how the nutrition table works, Canadians can make better and informed choices for themselves and their families.

Helping Canadian understand what the nutrition table means and how it compares to other food choices, is one of the goals from the new campaign.

What Health Canada Has Done To Promote Nutrition Labeling on Products

On October 22, 2010, Leona Agulukkaq, Minister of Health, and Nancy Croitoru, President and CEO of Food & Consumer Products of Canada (FCPC), announced the launch of the Nutrition Facts Education Campaign. This campaign is designed to provide better information surrounding the nutritional value of food products.

Nutrients That Are Good For You and You Should Consume More of in Your Daily Diet

According to the newly launched Food & Nutrition website from Health Canada, you need more of the following nutrients in your diet:

Vitamin A
Vitamin C

Food nutrition labels indicate the % of Daily Value for food products. This percentage shows you how rich it is in the good nutrients and makes for quick, easy and uniformed comparison between other products.

Nutrients That Are Bad For You that You Should Consume Less of in Your Daily Diet

You should have less of the following nutrients:

Saturated and trans fat

By comparing the % of Daily Value on food nutrition labels, you can quickly determine the health factor of your food choices.
Food Nutrition Labeling and Guidelines

The Government of Canada offers many resources to allow you, the consumer, to make good health choices. You can view information on the nutrition facts guidelines, as well as recommendations for specific diets, on their Food and Nutrition website.

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