Health Risks Involved with Beef

The beef you are keeping in your fridge may be affecting your health negatively. Hormones and antibiotics are pumped into our beef and cause problems.

Have you ever wondered what the hormone label on your beef package means? If you thought it wasn’t important, you may want to dig deeper to find out what kinds of hormones are in American beef.

All human beings have at least one thing in common; we eat. However, not all people meticulously consider what they are consuming. In fact, only 3.2 percent of Americans are concerned enough about their diet to become vegetarian.

Antibiotics in Beef – The Frightening Truth

Beef alone may be healthy enough, but it’s the things added to it that make it so toxic to a healthy life. Among the many substances fed to American cows are antibiotics, which farmers claim the antibiotics help the cattle maintain a healthy life until they are slaughtered.

Chlortetracycline is just one of the many antibiotics used in today’s ranches. What’s wrong with giving cattle chlortetracycline to keep them in great heath? We only need to look as far as ourselves to find the answer.

The issue of antibiotics is often overlooked and downplayed, especially by farmers that constantly use them. But Stuart B. Levy, a scientist who has studied antibiotics for years, estimates that 17 million pounds of antibiotics used to treat human illness are given to animals yearly.

Because of this, chlortetracycline, the antibiotic many farmers give to cattle, is now showing up in vegetables that have been planted in soil fertilized with livestock manure. The evidence for a connection between vegetables contaminated with antibiotics and beef is very strong.

However, Orville Schell believes humans are also being directly contaminated with antibiotics from consuming beef at home. This may be alarming in itself, but the true danger arises from bacteria that are affected by these antibiotics.

When livestock receive antibiotics, bacteria living in the livestock may eventually become resistant to the antibiotics. Why does this concern Americans? If the antibiotics are also used to treat humans, infections caused by these resistant organisms could be untreatable: bacteria picked from livestock may have already become resistant to antibiotics prescribed by doctors.

This may not seem alarming, but let’s translate this into reality. According to Rick Unger, 65,000 Americans die each year from drug resistant bacteria which come from livestock treated with antibiotics. This startling statistic should at least make Americans wonder about what they are consuming every day.

Antibiotics seem to be causing some substantial problems, but that’s not the whole story. Hormones are also given to livestock and transferred directly to humans. Maybe some people believe this is a healthy aspect of beef, but the Chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition, Dr. Samuel S. Epstein, believes it’s causing an increase of reproductive and childhood cancers.
The Dangerous Hormones Estrogen, Progesterone, Zeranol, and Testosterone

Dr. Epstein lists the hormones used in beef: estrogen, progesterone, zeranol, and testosterone. What’s the danger of consuming more of these hormones? A trip to South America, made by Orville in the 1980’s, made the dangers of hormones blatantly evident.

In Puerto Rico, zeranol, an estrogen given to American beef cattle, is sold over the counter without a veterinary prescription. Dr. Saenz of Puerto Rico has recorded 375 patients with premature puberty and believes zeranol is responsible.

American Orville Schell visited Dr. Saenz and some of his patients. What Schell found was very alarming. One of the most shocking patients was a five-year-old girl with fully developed breasts and pubic hair. According to Dr. Saenz, a five-year-old should produce hardly any estrogen.

This was just one of the many cases Orville Schell observed. Would American families readily consume beef everyday if they knew zeranol, a powerful estrogen, were on their plates? Hormones like this are enough to make the European Union ban American meat.

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