Healthy Happy Fruit for You and Your Family

Want your family to be healthy and happy? Here is one fruit that will give you a head start.

Grabbing a quick snack with your family can be fun and healthy, especially if you are lucky enough to have children who are happy to munch on healthy nutritious foods. (This can be a constant battle, and one we can avoid if we are consistent in giving happy, healthy snacks.)

One of the happiest and healthiest snacks you can find in the supermarket today is the cherry. They are full of antioxidants that help our bodies fight free radicals, and they may help reduce the risk of cancer and heart problems, improve vision and blood circulation, and help with memory loss. Wow! Now that is healthy.

This wonderful fruit is extremely versatile; it can be eaten fresh, used as a delicious ingredient in pies, and can even be transformed into a tasty cherry chutney … yum.

The peak season for cherries is summer, occasionally late spring depending on the climate. In Australia, they grow at Christmas time because that is their hottest time of year.

If you do decide to grab some cherries for that snack, always try to look for the plum-colored ones, as these are the sweet cherries, and make sure the stems are attached. Now, you will have to be quick: this happy healthy fruit does not stay around for long, and seems to be in the produce section one week and gone the next, so get your skates on!

Your cherries will last longer if stored in the refrigerator and they will stay fresher. Of course like many of us, you and your family may want to grab them from the bag immediately, wash them and place them in a bowl, then eat them in ten minutes flat.

You never know, your children may want to plant the cherry stone, just another side to the wonder of snack time.

Last but definitely not least, why do I refer to cherries as happy? Well, when a fruit is incredibly good for you and tastes exquisite, it makes me smile.

Quick Recipe for Amazing Cherry Chutney

2 cups of plum cherries
1 cup of sugar
1 tbs of cinnamon
chopped onions

About a cup of vinegar, go easy on this and give it a taste before adding more.

Mix together and simmer in large covered pan for about 45 mins, then simmer uncovered stirring frequently for another 30. Always check for thickness — you want it nice and thick.

This chutney is good for chicken, ham, and as a delicious side dish for curries. It is sweet enough for children to enjoy and adult enough for adults to love.

Happy Eating!

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