Natural Hair Care

The Best Weapon in Your Hunt for Healthy Hair Is Your Diet

Natural hair care products and organic hair care are good ways to strengthen and fortify your hair, but the secret to great hair is to work from the inside out.

You’ve seen them: all the hair care product commercials with beautiful models sporting lustrous, bouncy, amazing hair. These people look like they’ve never had a bad hair day and never will. But how do they do it? Well, the ads are probably done with digital enhancement, but you can get the real thing if you are willing to take a little time.

The secret to beautiful hair doesn’t come out of a bottle. According to Keri Glassman of Women’s Health Magazine, by the time your hair has made its appearance on your head, your hard working body has already done the most important work of making it shiny, healthy, and resilient. Beautiful hair is made from the inside out.

Grow Healthy Hair

Other measures will have less impact on improving the condition and appearance of your hair than making the effort to grow healthy hair in the first place by giving your body the materials it needs to make your hair shine, literally.

Bad Hair Foods

If you want good hair, cut back on the caffeine. This includes caffeine from all sources: coffee, tea, and soft drinks too. Reduce your intake of white sugar. Instead, use honey as a sweetener. Make your calories count for something beyond taste. Many refined low-calorie foods and a majority of processed snack foods give your taste buds a treat, but don’t do much to help nourish your body, so lose them in favor of foods that can satisfy you for longer than it takes to swallow.

Good Hair Foods

Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Asparagus, spinach, strawberries, sunflower seeds and almonds are all hair healthy foods. When you eat grains, be sure that they are whole grains.

Eat your protein. Because meats and fish contain fat, it’s easy to decide you can cut back on them, but fatty acids feed your hair follicles, and other components of protein help to maintain scalp health.

Other Ingredients for Healthy Hair

Take a good vitamin supplement. Iodine, zinc, iron, silica, B12, and vitamin E all feed your hair and scalp by aiding in cell formation, increasing your hair’s strength, and keeping it lubricated. A full 25% of the weight of your hair is water; so make sure you drink plenty. Your body may need less water daily than originally thought, but remember that water is still important.

Other factors that impact your body also show in the condition of your hair. You need adequate sleep for your body, and your hair, to rebuild and regroup. Reducing your level of stress by adopting some healthy coping mechanisms like yoga and meditation can help too.

You won’t see a change by Friday night, but after a couple of months you will see a difference, not only in the condition of your hair, but in the appearance of your skin and nails too. Your body is a machine; giving it good materials to work with and treating it with respect is the lasting, common sense approach to a better, healthier looking you.

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