Smart Healthy Gifts Ideas for Any Occasion

Choosing the perfect gift for friends and family is not always easy. Discover simple ideas of healthy presents to give in any occasion.

Healthy living should be an important notion to promote through the gifts you give to your friends, family members, relatives and even coworkers. A thematic healthy present is appropriate for any occasion: Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s, Father’s or Valentine’s Day. Pick one or more from the following suggestions, pack, tie a ribbon, and you can offer them to your dear ones.

Nutritious nuts, kernels, dried fruits

They are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, which have great healthy benefits to heart functions and blood vessels function. Buy some bags of raw nuts, almonds, hazel nuts, groundnuts, pistachios, and sunflower kernels from the store. Remove the original packing and mix them into a bowl. Fill simple bags with these nutritious mixes of nuts, and tie a ribbon. You might add a bag of dried fruits. They will make a great snack for any healthy eater.

Herbs and aromatic plants

If your friends are fond of their garden, you can give them a green gift basket with herb seeds and ceramic pots. Choose basil, oregano, chives, parsley, or lemon basil. Your friends will enjoy watching them grow and will be able to add them to salads or other recipes. Another great choice would be a lavender plant. It will bring calming effects and amazing fragrance to any home.

Tea boxes

The benefits of a cup of tea are known for hundreds of years. Delight your tea drinker friends or elder relatives with a box of different teas. You can pick green, white or black tea, rich in antioxidants, which reduce the risk of different types of cancer. Include a tea infuser and a dainty teacup and your gift will be complete.

Juicers and a basket of fresh fruits

Fresh drinks are indispensable in healthy diets. This is why a juicer is the ideal gift for weight watchers. You might think about adding a basket with fresh fruits or sale coupons for greengrocery stores.

Dark chocolate

You might think chocolate shouldn’t be on a list of healthy gifts, and yet it is. Choose the dark bittersweet brands because they usually contain 60% to 85% cocoa, which is a healthy dessert for sweet lovers. Moreover, dark chocolate decreases blood pressure and improves the sensitivity to insulin.

Sport equipment

Encourage your friends and family members to stay fit by giving them a training set with t-shirts, sport shoes, small weight lifting bars, and a CD with fitness exercises. If they aren’t sport fans, a simple step counter should motivate them to start walking or jogging in the morning.

Whatever present you choose, keep in mind that the way you are giving it worth sometimes more than the gift itself. Use your imagination and wrap the presents in colored bags, put them in baskets or fancy boxes.

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