Soy Protein (Tofu): A Complete and High-Quality Protein Diet Plan

Adding tofu to the diet is an extremely healthy option, and promises to keep the heart and stomach happy!

Tofu is loaded with immense and powerful health benefits; that encompasses almost all the systems within the body.

How Is Tofu Made?

Tofu is made from soy milk, by coagulating it with magnesium or calcium salts, usually in the form of the Nigari seaweed. After coagulation, the whey or the liquid is discarded, and the curds are compressed to form tofu.

Like most other soy foods, tofu has also originated in China. A legend says that a Chinese cook curdled soy milk with Nigari seaweed accidentally and that’s how tofu came in to being.

Tofu Nutritional Facts: Health Benefits of Soy Protien

Tofu is an excellent source of high quality protein. Also, it is a wonderful source of calcium, zinc, vitamin B and iron. Countless researches, clinical trials and laboratory investigations have demonstrated the wonderful advantages of consuming soy and soy products.

The health benefits of tofu are numerous and far-reaching, the chief benefits being protection against cancer and averting cardiovascular disorders.

Tofu provides immense protection against cancer. Consuming soy foods reduces the risk of developing breast, prostate and colon cancer considerably. Soy is loaded with potent anti-cancer elements, especially isoflavones, which exert a highly favorable effect on the body. Also, phytosterols present in the soy beans, work powerfully to strengthen and fortify the immune and defense mechanisms and ward off the development of chemically-induced cancers.

Tofu lowers blood cholesterol levels and checks the occurrence of heart diseases. The essential fatty acids, present in soy, support appreciable cholesterol lowering. The high content of phytosterols helps keep the blood cholesterol level in check, thus, staving off plaque formation within the arterial walls and high blood pressure. Phytosterols inhibit the absorption of cholesterol by obstructing/blocking the absorption sites. Soy protein has demonstrated outstanding cholesterol lowering properties. Studies show that soy decreases the total cholesterol level by about 30%, and can diminish LDL or bad cholesterol by almost 35%. Thus, having adequate soy protein in the diet, forestalls heart disorders successfully.

Easy Tofu Recipes

Tofu is an excellent food from the health and nutritional perspective. What’s more, cooking tofu is simple and not time consuming.

Here are a few recipes that are nutritious, wholesome, quick and delicious:

Tofu Salad Recipe

Combine tofu, chopped garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, fresh herbs, and freshly sliced vegetables together, to make a quick and wholesome snack.

Tofu Stir Fry Recipe

Heat two tablespoons of olive oil, add an assortment of dried herbs – oregano, basil, parsley, diced vegetable, cashews, minced ginger, pepper, sugar and salt. This recipe is simple, yet, chockfull of essential nutrients.

Tofu Dessert Recipe Using Blueberries

Add half a cup of blueberries to half a cup of soft tofu. Add two tablespoons of flax seeds, one banana and sugar, and blend well. Chill.

Tofu, with its special protective benefits including regulating blood cholesterol levels and protecting against cancer is a wholesome and nutritious ingredient. The use of tofu on regular basis can enhance health whilst providing nutritive benefits.

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