Sweet Potatoes: The Anti-Aging Food

Sweet potatoes exert powerful anti-aging effects and also check the formation of wrinkles successfully.

The sweet potato is actually not a member of the potato family. There are about 400 varieties of the sweet potato, some are round and shaped like potatoes, while others are long and have tapering ends. This root vegetable has been touted as the next anti-aging solution, that fights wrinkle formation and keeps the skin soft, supple and youthful.

Sweet Potato and Anti-Aging

The sweet potato contains unique root storage proteins. These proteins exercise significant anti-aging and anti-oxidant effects. They are potent free radical scavengers that avert damage to the DNA of the cells and hence, prevent a host of diseases and also decelerate aging.

Laboratory assessments state that these proteins show 1/3rd the anti-oxidant activity of glutathione, one of the body’s most important anti-oxidants. These proteins, along with a generous dose of vitamin C and carotenes, have a highly beneficial effect on the skin. They boost the body’s anti-oxidant levels, which in turn halts the onslaught of aging.

These proteins check the formation of wrinkles, improve the skin’s texture and prevent sagging. Vitamin C and carotenes nourish the skin and keep it looking fresh and radiant.

Health Benefits Offered by the Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes supply loads of carotenes. Characteristically, the darker the sweet potato, the larger is the concentration of the carotenes in them. In addition, the root provides vitamin C, biotin, copper, vitamin B6 and B2 and dietary fiber.

Unlike other starchy foods, sweet potatoes have been classified as anti-diabetic food. Research says that sweet potatoes stabilize blood glucose levels and enhance the response to insulin.

Quick Serve Ideas for Sweet Potato

While buying sweet potatoes, select those which are firm. Stay away from those which are wilted, leathery or discolored.

Also, the darker the color of the root, the higher the concentration of the anti-oxidants.

Slice a few sweet potatoes thickly. Brush the slices with olive oil. Add any favorite seasoning: pepper, oregano, basil, etc. and bake until they turn golden brown and crispy. This makes a wonderful mid evening snack.
Sweet potatoes can be added to sandwiches. Boil sweet potatoes. Mash them. Add salt and pepper. Spread peanut butter over whole wheat bread, fill in the mashed sweet potatoes and grill for 10 minutes.
Cubed sweet potatoes could be added to any vegetable stir fry.

100 grams of sweet potato provides 2 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber and loads of vitamin C and carotenes. Adding this root vegetable to the daily menu is definitely recommended.

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