What Happens When Chemicals are Added to Food?

Thousands of chemicals plague food eaten daily in America causing health problems to soar. Food companies knowingly add them to America’s food.

According to Sweet Poison .com, the American food supply holds over 14,000 man-made chemicals. Human bodies are not meant to consume such chemicals. Chemicals are placed into our food from as early as infancy while mothers consume them during pregnancy. Yes, even baby food contains chemicals. Being aware of food additives, or man-made chemicals, will help make choosing more natural food easier.

Chemicals are added to food with the intention to preserve it, keep fats emulsified, and/or change the color.

Aspartame Sugar Substitute

According to CSPI reports, the sugar substitute aspartame contains a substance known as PKU, or phenylketonuria. This substance, at toxic levels, can result in mental retardation and some scientists believe aspartame can cause brain function to be altered and/or behavioral changes in those who consume it. If you are pregnant, avoid eating aspartame and keep it away from babies. According to CSPI, the artificial sweeteners saccharin and acesulfame-k have also been linked to a risk of cancer.

Pesticides and Chemicals in Food

There were approximately three million cases of pesticide poisoning around the world in 1996, according to the World Health Organization, with twenty thousand deaths reported. Fruits like strawberries, grapes, and tomatoes contained a minimum of six different pesticides when a test was done by the Association for Public Analysts. The Association randomly tested 305 fruits finding 31 fruits contained traces of pesticide exceeding the safety levels while another 72 tested positive with lower pesticide levels.

A whopping 89-99% of all fresh fruits, vegetables, and cereals have been sprayed with pesticides according to a survey done by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries. In 1994, a survey of carrots found chemical levels 25 times higher than the safety limit allows. Another survey done a year later tested lettuces and found that they contained chemical levels as much as 10% higher than the safety limit (source: Alternative Medical Angel).

A Small List of Chemicals to Avoid

There are many chemicals that should be avoided, but a small list includes the following:

artificial colorings: blue 2, red 3, yellow 5 & 6, orange b, & green 3
hydrogenated vegetable oil
partially hydrogenated vegetable oil
olean (olestra)
sodium nitrate
momosodium glutamate (MSG)
potassium benozoate
sulphur dioxide
sodium sulphite
benzoic acid

With over 14,000 chemicals placed in our food and pesticides being used for pest control, Americans need to be aware of the health risk of going to the grocery store. Reading labels will take the guesswork out of healthy grocery shopping.

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